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Add Notice                  Carina: Best Server!!!                 Vanessa1: BEST SERVER SUPEEEEEEER! PLEASE STAY THIS SERVER AWESOME!                 Katrok: Never Die                 dujoe10: I LOVE THIS GAME                 brother: nice server <3                 beast: try to divide the bhineka guild into 2 guilds for the server to have a good war. all strong players are on bhineka. its boring guys                 crashbash: new player here, why no server list?                 bobei31: where the quest of akhma cave accesoress now??? gm???                 kawiboy2014: no server list amf                 udaundo: newbies are the one aggressive in PK!! LOL                 Lumiere3: Xmen is renly!                 LXD300: I am new looking for a guild :D                 Hubetos: Stop RPK-ing farming people!                 Natsuu: CROWNES , CROWNES NEEEEED @#@#@#@#@#@#@ SERVER IS AWESOME                 undefined: NEWBIE :>                 Xaxi: AWESOME SERVER!                 glenn1024: i love inferno rohan                 Bounty: I love you, no matter who you are.                 Mrsliman: SexyG4m3rZ TOP TOP TOP                 Lovely: I Love SexyG4m3rZ                 ERROR: BEASTS IN POWER                 MsSuzza: NICE SERVER                 JohnWick: Iam going to kill them all :D Iam kidding.                 Musashi: BEST SERVER SO FAR! 8=====D                 LittleElfy: Best ROHAN Play Ever                 Scar: I miss the pvp and the good times                 Moshe: Missing The Old Time's                 MrMax: Best Server                 Retsard: BUFF AGI DHAAAAANNNN                 NeverGiveUp: welcome to blackMafia                 Jane: Nice Server Guys                 Admin: Welcome To SexyG4m3rZ                 

Last Leveling

18:20 Congratz Supremacy lvl UP TO 93

18:19 Congratz Limit lvl UP TO 110

18:18 Congratz Emillia lvl UP TO 75

18:18 Congratz Yovi lvl UP TO 111

18:18 Congratz AfroJack lvl UP TO 100

18:18 Congratz oneaek lvl UP TO 80

18:18 Congratz Romeoz lvl UP TO 107

18:17 Congratz DukunSableng lvl UP TO 83

Last PK

18:20 PVP CapsLock24 Kill Malagutti

18:19 PVP Munja Kill Onyx

18:18 PVP CapsLock24 Kill Malagutti

18:16 PVP Malagutti Kill Kibo

18:12 PVP SummerNights Kill Brazzersz

18:11 PVP CapsLock24 Kill Malagutti

18:10 PVP CapsLock24 Kill Malagutti

18:07 PVP Munja Kill Thranduil

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