Inferno Rules

1.Impersonating the GM or admin or personnel. Causing harms to other or commit malicious actions

(Permanent Ban)

2.Using inappropriate words in-game (Profanity, Racial Slur, Sexual content, offensive)

1st(Prison 3 Hour) 2nd (Prison 24 Hour) 2nd (Permanent Ban)

3.Advertising, Spamming, Offensive, Swearing, Explicit Threads on Boards (Deletion of Thread on Board, no warning)

(Permanent Ban)

4.Spreading Hack program (Spreading hack sites/hack tools)

(Permanent Ban)

5.Report Charge Back

(Permanent Ban to all your Accounts On Range IP & HWID)

6.Selling of account (no Loss will be recovered)

1st(Ban 7 Days) 2nd (Permanent Ban)

7.Selling of in-game items for real money

1st(one day ban deletion of item being sold) 2nd (7 days ban deletion of item being sold) 3rd (Permanent Ban)

8.Sharing Account/Items with another person

(No Loss will be recovered)

9.Bug use to get IPs/FP/EP/Crone/Items

(Permanent Ban)